Oh dear, my eldest son seems to have picked up a nasty habit whilst living down in London. He’s recently become addicted to …. sausage rolls of all things!!!

Now, I’ve long been an advocate of healthy living; which means healthy living, exercise and of course good food. Nowhere in this scenario might I add did “sneaky sausage rolls and HP sauce” come into the equation!

My son is highly educated (too well some might say) and has largely followed my healthy eating and living regime, however inadvertently sausage rolls and gallons of brown sauce have become his secret pleasure!

So … when he came back to The Fair City of Perth on business recently, I decided to tackle it full on.

Celery and carrots finely sliced. Slivers of beef brisket that had been slow cooked, slivers of chicken also slow cooked. Fresh spinach, mushrooms and fresh herbs. Chinese pancakes, hoi sin sauce, sweet chilli sauce.

Chop Chop … healthy rolls … and not a sausage in sight!!!

They were devoured in a sitting.

Healthy living and eating can be sumptuous after all! Come home more often little boy. x