Sunday, 14th August 2011

I’ve been an avid reader since childhood days, when I was absorbed in Enid Blyton books. This was mostly the delights of the pranks, antics and fun and games at the boarding school of Mallory Towers. Not perhaps the most challenging reads intellectually, however they set me up with a love of reading which has remained ever since.

So, I decided to set up a Book Club to meet once a month to exchange book suggestions, discuss the books and have a chat and a laugh. Of course, with my Pink Pinnies hat on, wine and nibbles essential! So, the name Paperback Pupus came about (pupus for the uninitiated is Hawaiian for snacks/canapés).

Happily Paperback Pupus is going from strength to strength and it’s been rewarding and demanding to have the challenge of reading books that might not otherwise be tackled. We all take it in turn to suggest a book of the month, which leads to some very diverse books indeed.

However, my recent discovery is that AK Bell Library in Perth has a selection of titles available to Book Groups with sets of up to 12 copies for each title. This is run by Monica McLean who can be contacted on Tel: 01738 477 036 email: if anyone is interested. We borrowed our first batch last month and it proved a great success.

Of course I also have ulterior motives in that I get to practice various Pink Pinnies’ recipes out on Paperback Pupus. It may not be jolly hockey sticks, playing a trick on Mademoiselle or the japes Darrell et al got up to at Mallory Towers … but we do have lively discussions, often put the world to rights, laugh, cry and have the occasional Midnight Feast! So, Paperback Pupus – more than just a book club!